The Selection Committee

There is a selection committee whose role will be to collect and review the nominees for each year. They have to check the background and ground on which the nominees have been proposed. The evaluation/selection committee should consider contributions over at least a period of five (10) years to ascertain that the nominees contributions and work have been consistent over a reasonable period of time.


The selection committee will be appointed on recommendation of AfNOG Admin Committee and AFRINIC Board and will be composed of seven (7) persons who have a proven record of Integrity, fairness and rigor. It is recommended that the selection committee be regional, gender, and industry balanced as much as possible. The most senior member of the committee will chair its proceedings and deliberations and will be its public spokes person.

The deliberation of the committee should be private with no report. The vote will be secret. There will be no right for appeal public challenging of the committee choice.


The committee members will be appointed for a period of one (1) year. No one can serve in the committee for more than five (5) consecutive years. It will be recommended to appoint previous Award Recipients to the selection committee where appropriate, but only at least two (2) years after they have been awarded.