Since the early 1990s, several people either individually, or through their institutions have been engaged in deploying, informing and spreading Internet or related Inter-networking technology in Africa. Their work has been, and continues to be, critical for Africa's uptake in new technology in general, but particularly in Internet Protocol Service and Infrastructure. It is a fact that in order to encourage more people to join the movement and engage themselves to this long-term journey to Africa's development through technology, our region needs to reward more of its heroes and models. This will hopefully leave a positive sign for the upcoming generation to move in the right direction. This page is an award initiative by Africans and to reward African Inter-networking Business and Engineering leaders of today and tomorrow.


The NI&I Service Award

Created in 2009 under the instigation of Dr. Naku Quaynor Nii, inspired by his own prestigious John Postel Award (being the first and only African recipient at date of that Award for his long run engagement in Internet service in Africa), the NI&I Award will reward individuals or organisations that have significantly contributed.

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